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Feature Friday | Kyle Hamilton

How did you get into photography & where’d you start? I “started” my photography after graduating from university… I had planned to go to New Zealand for a year of traveling, and my father gave me his Canon AE1 to take, so I could get some “nice” pictures. I had only ever used a point

Feature Friday | Marika Smith Photography


Questions for Feature Friday   Who are you and where are you from?  My name is Marika (rhymes with Paprika) Smith, and I was born and raised in Edmonton. How did you first get into photography & what keeps you shooting?  I became interested in photography as an art when I was researching photographers for

Feature Friday | Jonathan Havelock

Ignite 1024x768

Who are you and where are you from? Jonathan Havelock, currently living in Edmonton, Alberta.  Born and raised in this wonderful Province. My primary focus is landscape (especially Alberta fields coupled with stormy, dawn or dusk skies), but I try to change that up with “artsy” series like The Secret Garden and Nature’s Abstract, which