Introducing new Digital Matte and Moulding Collections!

Bray Girl Horse Digital Matte Lancaster Black 569260 wall

Robert Bray’s artwork framed on a Lancaster Black moulding from the new Classic Series collection (a combination of contemporary and rustic styles), featuring a double Digital Matte.

Digital Matte

We’ve worked meticulously to perfect this option by popular demand. Choose from a variety of set up options, including a custom colour picking tool. 

Bray Girl Horse Digital Matte Lancaster Black 569260 wall
Bray Girl Horse Digital Matte Lancaster Black 569260

The option of adding a matte around your image is now
EASY, FREE, and looks AMAZING!

Digital mattes are an excellent alternative to traditional cardboard matting and are available in both single and double styles.

A black or white colour choice is as easy as a mouse click and extended colour choices are endless by using our built-in colour pick option; select a colour within your image and instantly it is applied to the matte. When choosing a double matte the colour of both the inside and outside mattes can be controlled independently.

The finished look provides all the beauty and sophistication of a custom matted print without leaving the studio, and, there is no extra cost.

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Moulding Collections

Classic Series


Element Series

A soft metallic finish and contrasting edge create a modern perimeter for your work of art. 

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