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Questions for Feature Friday


Who are you and where are you from? 
My name is Marika (rhymes with Paprika) Smith, and I was born and raised in Edmonton.

img_1978How did you first get into photography & what keeps you shooting? 
I became interested in photography as an art when I was researching photographers for my own wedding.  I joined a photography forum and fell in love with nature and landscape images, and decided I would try to make pretty pictures like the ones I was seeing.  At some point I decided to try working with people to make portraits, and fell in love with the connection I was making with people.  Photography is therapeutic for me, and if I don’t have client work, I’ll arrange to work with some other creatives or artists to bring concepts to life.

marikaWhat or who are your photographic inspirations?
I have so many, it’s hard to narrow it down!  My son, who is now 4, is my muse.  Other professionals I am inspired by include the duo of Mathieu and Ann at Green Tea Photography; Wyn Wiley; Dana Pugh; Jasser Abu-Giemi; Lorraine Stephanyshyn; Melissa Appleton; Heidi of In Her Image Photo; there are so many others!

marika2Do you have any favourite advice you’ve received?
So many different messages are my favourite; I’d have to say that the advice that has had the most impact on me was to be real, be myself, and don’t try to conform to what you *believe* others want you to be.

marika3Do you have any favourite piece of equipment that you own currently?
My digital camera body, which is the Nikon D750.  I also have a lot of fun with my Fuji Instax.

Is there a piece of equipment that you feel you need to complete your kit?
I don’t think so, at least not for the time being.


What advice do you have for new photographers?
Education is more important than gear; inspiration is much more helpful than comparison- be inspired by the work you see all around you, but don’t compare your work to that of others’- comparison is the thief of joy; you don’t have to do everything the way everyone else does everything- there is more than one route to the same destination; community over competition- be willing to learn and be willing to teach and share what you know.  This is how we make our industry and our community better.

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