Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account to purchase merchandise from your ‘eStore’?

No, you don’t. You can order in-store, over the phone or online!

How and when am I notified that a payment has been transacted through my credit card?

Within minutes of completing a transaction, you will be notified by email. This email will contain the dollar value of the transaction along with the invoice number, as such, you may want to print or store this for future reference. A detailed invoice will be included when goods are shipped or are picked up.

Do you offer ‘Free’ Shippping?

Studios achieving annual sales in lab services greater than $6,000.00 are eligible to receive complimentary shipping. See details here or contact customer service.

I want to ship my product. What options do you have?

Below are details for the available Shipping Options when placing lab service orders:
• Ship – Ground
• Ship – use hold option
• Ship – Express (Canada only)
• UPS Store Pick up (Canada only)
• Ship –Letter Rate Canada (Max. 8″x12″ 500grams)
• Ship –Letter Rate USA (Max. 8″x12″ 500grams

Here is the link to our Shipping Guide and Options 

I’m having difficulties logging into Order Tracking and “My Orders”.

If you’re having troubles logging into order tracking to see the status of your orders please try clearing your browsers cache/cookies. This will typically fix the problem and will allow you to log into order tracking. Below are instructions on how to do this for both MAC and PC. 


Chrome – Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete this will open the “Clear Browser Data” dialog box. Click on “Advanced” and select “Cookies and other site data”, and “Cached images and files”, and click on “Clear Data”.

FireFox – Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete, this will open the “Clear All History” dialog box. Select “Cookies”, “Cached”, and click on “Clear Now”.

Internet Explorer – Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete this will open the “Delete Browser History” dialog box. Unselect the “Preserver Favorites website data” Select “Cookies and website data”, “Temporary Internet files and website files”, and click on “Delete”.


Chrome – Press Command⌘ + Y to open the history screen. On the left hand side click on “Clear Browser Data”. From the dialog box that will appear click on “Advanced” and select “Cookies and other site data”, and “Cached images and files”, and click on “Clear Data”.

FireFox – Command⌘ + Shift + Delete, this will open the “Clear Recent History” dialog box. Select “Cookies”, “Cache” and then click “Clear Now”.

Safari – Press Command⌘ + Y to open the history screen. In the top righthand corner click on ” Clear History…”. From the dialog box that appears select “all history” and click “Clear History”.

What is the difference between the two types of events; Full-Service and Full-Control that can be created?

Full-Service event – the studio creates a price list (your offering to the end user customer) from a selection of services that are available via a catalogue of choices. After creating your price list you upload the images, “publish” the gallery and inform your clients as to the location of the published event. All orders placed from Full-Service events automatically come into our servers and are produced the same as ROES orders. When the orders are complete we ship them directly to the end user on behalf of the studio. Full-Service is the best choice for studios that want to upload galleries and just sit back and wait for the money to “roll-in” to your bank account.

Full-Control event – the studio creates a price list for any products that you would like to offer. You are emailed the order details when the order is placed. How you fill and deliver the order is entirely up to you.

With both these events the fees that are associated with the uploads and sales remain the same; in both cases, all money transacts in Canadian funds and 100% of the collected funds are directly deposited to your studio bank account.

Should your images be posted with a particular colour space embedded?

The internet lives in sRGB colour and uploading files in an Adobe98 colour space will hurt the vibrancy of colour your customers will see.

How do you get paid?

100% of the funds (Cdn$) collected are uploaded into your studio account (a Technicare Direct Deposit form must be completed). Technicare will bill your current Technicare studio account for the associated fees and in the case of full-service orders, the print production and shipping.


What is Laser Engraving?

Laser Engraving is the act of stripping the anodized coating to reveal the metal underneath. The logo, clipart or other artwork will show up in a whiteish/metallic tint. Colour information will be engraved whitish, the white information inside the file is disregarded.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your orders, track shipments and see estimated completion dates using our Order Tracking system.

Once you are signed on with your email address or account number and password browse to 

Available from the convenience of your smartphone whenever wherever! 

Browse to just to track your order.