Frequently Asked Questions

The credit card set up in my Payment Profile does not have enough credit left to clear my invoice. What will Technicare do?

You must ensure the card entered in your Payment Profile has enough available credit to transact your ongoing invoices. Using a secured portal to transact payments is not a free service to Technicare. All transactions, whether approved come at a price; it is a cost of doing business in today’s environment. Unfortunately, we cannot absorb this cost when transactions are declined. A $1.00 charge will be added to open work orders when transactions are declined by your card provider. We will do our best to contact you should there be a problem but this will ultimately delay orders being shipped and could cause temporary suspension of your account.

The card I have on file is about to expire, do I need to update this information?

Yes you will need to call us at 800-897-1844 to provide a new expiration date over the phone.

My address and/or phone number has changed, can I just go to my Payment Profile to do this update?

Updating your contact information in Payment Profiles is only for the purpose of transacting payments with the card you have on file. Updates to this area are sent directly to Bambora’s secured servers and do not act as updates for our accounting and shipping software. If your contact information changes please contact us or alternatively the Client Services/Account Management/Contact Information. Edits made in this area will notify us of your change request and will ensure all of our systems are kept current.

I want to switch the credit card number that is being billed against; do I need to call Technicare?

We only take credit card numbers for accounts over the phone. If you wish to update your credit card on account please give us a call at 800-897-1844 or 780-424-7161. 

I want to change the method used for paying my account, can I delete my Payment Profile?

Payment profiles can only be deleted by authorized Technicare Management. If you wish to have your profile taken off this system please contact your Account Manager and within 24 hours this information will be permanently removed. Your account with Technicare will continue to be active.

I have more than a one credit card, can you attempt clearing transaction against multiple cards?

No, our Payment System can only accept one card number per account. If you need to change a card number please call 800.897.1844.

I have just opened an account with Technicare, can I give you credit card information by phone?

Yes, feel free to give us a call and we’ll quickly take your card number – 800-897-1844. Card information is fully encrypted and stored on dedicated PCI compliant servers.

Colour Space

Files can have any profile you wish embedded – sRGB, Adobe98, Prophoto. Please note is that files using a profile other than sRGB will not preview correctly in ROES. But this only the preview, your files will print as you see them in Photoshop.

File Sizing

300 dpi (dots per inch) is the maximum our printers can output at. For larger orders of smaller prints it’s recommended that clients reduce the size of their files to 300 dpi at size. This will help reduce uploading times and prevent corrupt orders.

As an example if you were ordering 4×6 prints the largest file size we’d need would be 1200 x 1800 pixels (4 inches @ 300dpi = 1200 pixels & 6 inches @ 300 dpi = 1800 pixels).

To reduce the size of a large amount of images at once try using the “Image Processors” in Photoshop. It can be found in File-Scripts-Image Processor. This tool will allow you to select a folder of images and quickly resize them to any dimensions you wish.

ROES has opened all my folders. How do I close them all at once?

To clear all folders in the thumbnails pane, hold the ALT key (OPT on Mac) and click the X on the left-most folder to close all at once.

You may want to un-check the box for Search Enclosed Folders in the Home pane under Preferences to help prevent this in the future.