BluePrint is cutting edge software for organized volume photography.

The key to winning and retaining business is a smooth operation on picture day. Blueprint is tablet optimized and built for speed at the shoot. You’ll reduce the number of lines, decrease the time per subject, and actually leave the job on time!

BluePrint is designed to manage an entire volume photo project including subject data, multiple images, multiple sessions, soft cropping, tags for service assignments, and individual and group pictures. BluePrint tracks all the images in a project, and all orders and order history within a project.

BluePrint is designed to support central management of a project with multiple cameras and capture stations, and multiple sessions and retakes managed in one comprehensive project.


BluePrint lab partners such as Technicare provide a catalog of supported products. This catalog contains the available order options, pricing, and a full description of the item. The second side of the Catalog is the BluePrint users retail price sheet. This provides for packaging of these items into retail packages and the supporting information for cost and margin analysis. Once a BluePrint user has defined their pricing and package contents order entry is as simple as select the cropped image and assign the package.

The BluePrint Design system allows for the design of virtually any sort of composite product using the images and data for any individual subject and their related group images. Layout supports import of .jpg and .png with alpha channels from Photoshop or other image editors. Text can be added or called from the subject database and rendered in any orientation with any font contained in the user computer. The rendering system supports any color choice, strokes, drop shadows, and precision placement by either drag and drop or entered coordinates. 

BluePrint has a comprehensive reporting system with the ability to export report data as PDF or Excel files.

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